Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

Margaret has been involved with artist trading cards (ATC) for a few years now. It involves creating works of art the size of traditional trading cards such as baseball cards (2.5" x 3.5") and then trading them one for one with others who have also made work. The idea is for people to feel free and brave with creating new work and at the same time putting aside ideas of commodification by trading and never selling. The collective meets once per month with the sessions open to the public to come in, bring or make work while there, and trade. About once per year I made a set. They have a call out for narrative cards in this style/genre for a gallery show so I constructed a series of photo collages involving me as the robot with the bucket head set inside stills from old educational films. This connects in many ways with the "Rerun" project I've developing (in my head). I got these cards done and packaged up with artist statement etc today. Here is one of the six of them:

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Berny Hi said...

nice man!
makes me want to do it. i've been saying that for about four years now.

thanks for the smiles.