Thursday, July 29, 2010

beep beep beep

I forgot to mention that yesterday our slow start to our Fredericton trip was due to the washing of the van's key fob. When it was wet and close to the van it would set off the alarm. I had to wrap it in foil to prevent this. While it has a removable metal key, that key will only open the doors, not start the engine. A call to a repair place confirmed the fob pries open and won't reset if that is done. We dried it out and it worked fine afterward.
Today we took a trip to Fundy Park and stayed in a little cottage. We took long walks and took hundreds of photos. The Butland shop where we bought scallops let us pet their giant lobsters from their tank. We cooked in our cottage using butter, garlic, and wine.

We took a long walk in the park as well where there were lovely streams and waterfalls. June was taking self portraits for her Facebook page.