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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Find things

This morning we found our shoes overflowing with stuff from St. Nicholas! There was candy, movies, coffee beans, coca cola, gin, music, fruit, and jerky. William a replacement pedometer he desperately needed and the cat even got a new toy!
This afternoon I took William to the Filmpool Board meeting. When we went back to the car, it was gone! I search the whole block where I was certain I'd parked it and eventually reported it stolen. We walked over to the library where Margaret was working and had her mom's car and told her the news. We were all devastated. On our way home we drove around that block and there was our car, where I'd actually parked it. I guess I'd gotten confused about its location since having gone to Neutral Ground last night and parked in the save vicinity. I had to sheepishly call the police back and retract my report.

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