Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art in classroom, edit room, and home.

Today I taught Film 202 for the first time. I never like to say whether I think it went well or not as there will certainly be someone who was there who would contradict me either way. I don't know any of the students, having been on sabbatical when we did interviews with them last spring. I generally like the process of getting to know them, so I anticipate an interesting term
With only a few days to deadline and classes to each for most of those days, I dove into editing my "Grain" project for the faculty show at the MacKenzie. The transfers from film look really good so I'm quite optimistic. I don't have the overall structure yet as I still basically creating an assembly of footage that I like and that fits thematically.
In the mail when we got home, Margaret received a copy of Vie Des Arts magazine with an article she wrote. She's not been able to find a copy of it anywhere in the city so it's great that she was put onto their mailing list. The article was published as a two page spread with a couple of colour photos. 

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