Friday, January 18, 2013

MacKenzie Art Gallery faculty show

UofR president Vianne Timmons, MacKenzie Art Gallery                                                                      Executive Director Jeremy Morgan, Fine Arts Dean Sheila Petty.
The opening of the faculty exhibition at the MacKenzie was well attended this evening. We arrived a bit late and only caught the tail end of the New Dance Horizons performance. University president Timmons said a few words and also came up to me afterwards and we had a nice chat. She even introduced herself to William. My piece drew positive comments. I'm happy with it. While it is presented as a loop on a video screen, I felt that the usual short loops, such as the nature of most of my previous loops as well as the works I was doing on my sabbatical, were not the right approach for this event. So even though I never want to watch films in galleries for more than ten minutes, this one is over twenty.  I wanted a project which had a greater range of complexity and that would be very difficult to digest in this surrounding. Why? Perhaps I simply didn't want to be easily understood and therefore, just as easily dismissed. 

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