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Monday, January 14, 2013

Time badly used

With two deadlines remaining, I committed my morning before class to rendering the first episode of Sockvile for the puppet festival. The first rendering failed due to an "unknown error" so I got it redone just in time to get to class. On my way past my office, I discovered that this deadline is moved two weeks, so it seems that I should have worked on Grain, due at the MacKenzie in two days but really due tomorrow since Wednesday is too busy for me to get there an deliver it. I suppose I could have got both of them done had I not spent an hour before class running errands such as picking up my 500 free reprints from Don's Photo and purchasing the supplies I needed for teaching today, only to discover that I'd misread my own syllabus and had prepared for next week's class. Fortunately  the real material for today was easily at hand, but for my stumbling around with software which differs more than I'd expected from from the current version. I made a crude little walking sequence with the old "Green Man" from my Utopia Cafe days to demonstrate the use of After Effects and keying. 

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