Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reflecting on another Wednesday

William is still home sick today. I have been feeling worse and worse but actually didn't feel physically too bad today, just a bit tired and impatient for the weekend. No classes next week and I've not given my students any homework. I usually schedule a project to be due after the break but wanted to try things differently this year. I don't really know if anyone is doing anything, it's as if I have blinders on since new years. We talked about Guy Maddin and played with light again today. Had a department meeting but no real decision made about anything except to recommend our next distinguished alumni. We used to cancel these meetings quite often but we never do anymore. Had a half hour skype conversation with mom this evening, which it probably odd since she lives just a ten minute drive away. She got dad onto it to, which is apparently the first time he's used skype. He seemed amused. 

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