Friday, February 22, 2013

warm weather

I just wrote a long and probably pointless blog entry. When I went to select a photo to add, I might have push the wrong button because it insisted that I be logged on to google to do so. I put in my password and then it wouldn't let me past the declaration page. Nothing would work. I finally had to reload the page and found my text to be missing. As my short term memory has become laughable recently, I have no idea what I said.
I think it was about missing Margaret and how she gives me focus.
Or perhaps it was about Star Trek.
Both are on my mind lately.
William and I went to mom's for salmon this evening. Had some nice conversations. Mom admitted to reading this blog, although probably in some random way through searching for my name. That's probably the best way, more surprises.
I ran errands, bought cat food, and shoveled snow today. Pretty weak for the last day of a break. My dreams of accomplishing things was thwarted by illness and lack of motivation. Oh well, there is always the summer. 

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