Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sick on my break, home rotoscopig

This is the beginning of the university "winter" break (we were trying to figure out why the university now officially calls it that, although there is little doubt that "suicide week" was not going to get into the student calendar). Most people call it "spring break", even though it is clearly winter outside.
Well, the cold that has been chasing me for the past seven days finally sunk in. My nose, which has been stuffed up for a couple of days, has turned into a sore throat and I'm felling generally crappy. I did decide to forgo playing more Angry Birds in lieu of re-familiarizing myself with rotoscoping using "Flash". It seems that the new version doesn't quite do the same thing so I'm going to need to work at the office to figure out how to translate my knowledge. Above is an example of what I made (the original image, the blue, the red, and the black lines are each separate layers). Somehow in the final stage I messed up the live layer which had moved in sync with the drawing. 

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