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Sunday, February 23, 2014

1925 "Lost World" with Saskatoon symphony and Shauna Buck art exhibition at Void

We just drove back from Saskatoon, having gone there yesterday to see the 1925 silent film "Lost World" presented at the Roxy Theatre with live musical score by the Saskatoon Symphony. Like the two we'd seen previously, "Nosferatu" in October and "Mark of Zorro" last February, this was a hugely moving experience. The venue is perfect and the entire presentation, audio and visual, was excellent. It makes me sad that we chose the bulldozing option on all of our theatres. The rest of the time we hung out with Mike, drove around, checked out a small gallery (Void, where we met Shauna Buck and bought a piece of her art, the Yellow Headed Blackbird from her Alphabetical Aviary series, both her and the art pictured below), but missed out on getting into the campus gallery due to their inaccurate hours posted on their door, on their website, and on their answering machine.
Mike was our very courteous host, even though he didn't buy us a goat
Shauna Buck at the Void Gallery, Saskatoon

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