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Saturday, February 15, 2014

To barely go where no one has gone before

Mom gave me her symphony tickets for tonight's show. William and I went and had a pretty good time. It was supposed to be music from academy award winning movies, but it seems that having done this before, they deviated off track a bit. The Godfather section war extraordinary. I probably could have lived without two John William's scores (ET and Close Encounters) and had mixed feelings about Psycho. The Bernard Herman Psycho score is really fantastic and they played it perfectly (all string instruments) but Victor Sawa felt it necessary to stop every minute or two and describe what was happening in the story, often inaccurately. I'm wondering if William will be more willing or less willing to watch the film now that the entire plot, including each death and the ending, have been spelled out? The Star Trek tv series theme medley (culminating in "Next Generation", not "Motion Picture", as suggested) was quite nice to listen to for both William and myself (as he is familiar with each of the series through viewings this past year). Sawa made only one mistake in his verbal performance of the iconic opening narration (in the title above), but he seemed genuinely excited about doing it, so I think nerves got the better of him.
William leaning on ghost leg while building Bionicles
William has a big Bionicle building station in the basement now. I hung out down there with him this afternoon and he helped me to write my new "Mr. Saul" film (the first time I've ever asked for anyone else's input on one). 

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