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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Amalie Atkins tent and talk at MacKenzie

Met with Christine and Elizabeth this morning over coffee to talk about future screening. Exciting plans, but best left confidential at this time (noted here only because, as my close friends know, I have begun forgetting anything I don't blog about).
Stitched photo of Amalie Atkins tent at MacKenzie Art Gallery
William and I went to the MacKenzie again this afternoon to see Amalie Atkins talk and tour her work. The crowd was sizable and inquisitive, which is not always the best thing. Rather than a tour, it was a very good question and answer. She expressed some interesting ideas about how the work evolves to include the tents, rather than it being a reworking or re-contextualization of the older work. Probably my favorite anecdote was that she originally wanted to market the animal masks as face warmers for the Saskatoon winter, but only sold one. The gallery room was hot and the sound echoed, so we cut out right at the end and went shopping for a piano bench (found one). 

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