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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chrystene Ells exhbition a huge hit, plus pinching pot in Drinkwater

 This afternoon we went to the closing reception of the "Hello In There/Hello Out There" exhibition at the Dunlop Art Gallery. This was a show primarily led by Chrystene Ells who worked with a couple of dozen seniors in retirement homes, helping each of them to fashion an artful memory box and to record stories about the memories behind them. The gallery was packed and so busy that even when you could get to an artwork, the din drowned out the recordings.

After the Dunlop, we swung past Chapters for a book signing by our friend Ed Willett. Coincidentally, we were able to photograph him with his new banner, similarly bold and big like Wilf Perreault's from two days ago.
Out in Drinkwater, we visited a ceramic studio where they were hosting people to make a pinch pot. Yesterday they did a pit kiln. I'd like to know how to make such a thing, it would be interesting to fire stuff out at the farm with potentially chaotic results.
With temperatures supposed to drop tomorrow, the high of 29 degrees we got today will mark the last real day of summer. We roasted some marshmallows. Yum. William is now the master. 

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Marc said...

Count me in on the pit firing...