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Friday, September 12, 2014

The strange case of the stolen and unstolen car

This morning I picked up Angelos who is in town for a wedding, then ran past the house to pick up Margaret so that we could all go for lunch. When we arrived, she was on the phone with the police because, unnoticed by us that morning, our other car was gone, replaced by a small pile of glass.
After lunch I was back at work for a meeting. We all arrived back at the house around four (Margaret and William on foot, me by car) to discover the car was there with its stereo gone and the window taped shut. A mystery!
We called the police again and they reported knowing nothing about the return. A short time later, the solution presented itself. Just as my friend Officer Campbell arrived, so did Steve from across the street. Steve had known about the theft from Margaret that morning and had recognized the car at a garage sale a block away. He sealed the window, started it with a screw driver, and brought tit home. In all likelihood, the repairs will exceed the value of the car so we'll likely not make a claim. On the up side, I caught up with both Ang and Grant today. 

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