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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Backlog of blogs (backblog?) 1

So I don't want to sound like a teenage, so I won't go into a rant about the purpose-less of everything. However, I have been feeling quite a bit of  ambivalence towards all creative activity this week, including, but not limited to, this blog. While I am writing this a week after the date it will show for its publication, no one has mentioned the dearth of posting since then. However, some discussion at the Filmpool meeting yesterday did support the idea of my blog, among others, as a positive support on the Filmpool activities.
I also hope to continue this blog as an extension of my memory. As such, I'm not really sure what happened on this day, as I am writing my entry six days in the future. I know that I taught my Film 201 class and that begins the misalignment of my Monday?Tuesday sequence due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We talked about a variety of editing and transition issues. and shot a bit of video outside, seeking graphic matches. I met with Geremy before class to review what he covered with them last week while I was away. They enjoyed drawing on film.
This evening we went to the Combat Improv. Colby called on William (by name) at one point to tell the group how long after the apocalypse the three minute improv would take place. He thought for a moment and said "negative three minutes" which is a great answer. 

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