Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema book arrives

The book Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema arrived today. It looks freaking amazing. I expected it was going to be my next two weeks of reading, but there are only four essays so it obviously won't be a huge time investment. First essay (after a couple hundred words from Martin Scorsese) is a new piece by Tom Gunning. What the book has instead of extended writing are hundreds of wonderfully printed colour images from early cinema, each page is suitable for framing. In the middle is big fold out. Wow.
This evening William and I went to see "Mr. Holmes" with Ian McKellen. Very good, even though I had expected him to play an old bitter and depressed Holmes rather than a confused and guilt-ridden Holmes. The best part was at the end of the credits when Moriarty pops up with one weird eye and a scorpion gun. Can hardly wait for that sequel. 

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