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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Are We Not Clones....?

High school has a bit less headway for projects. Last year, William seemed to have weeks to do every project. Now it is down to a few days. On Monday he had to commit to a project for the science fair (related to reproduction) so he chose "cloning". He then found out that the projects were to be presented on Thursday. I suppose it is just some reading and a poster (and a few props), and now he tells me a version of Bad Film #48 on dvd, and he is basically ready. He selected images last night and I printed them off on the way home (why don't we have a south end Staples store?) and now the dvd is ready. He read half a book on the topic as well as a number of web site articles. He'll do well enough if technology doesn't fail him. 

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