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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Film shoot photos

In by 8:30am, out by 5:30pm, my film shoot went quite well thanks to a committed and talented cast and crew. I had to substitute my strobing device for a constructed effect in post, but other than that I got my shots as planned. Erik Sirke arrived the night before to work on this and some other projects of mine this week; very excited to get some productive work accomplished. Geremy Lague came on board as well, very appreciated.  AJ Leeks joined the crew and we got a nice lunchtime visit from another alumni, Ashley, and their daughter (whom, contrary to suggestion, did not make it on camera). Rania was there taking some great photos and helping with the death scene, nicely handled. Margaret was of course invaluable, helping me find my backside and all the other stuff I rely upon. Ginette Hall did make up which I could not have done without, even though the performers are still young enough to have perfect skin. The whole film began with William's eye makeup and I knew I couldn't go on unless I could get that right. Thanks Christos for making the connection with Ginette. Alice Willett was the perfect "nameless village girl" character. You would think that with only two characters that I would name them, but I'm having a block. I was going to call William's character "Lookout Johnny" but now realize that this is the name of his puppet, not him. Speaking of puppets, the crude creations I made came to life under Chrystene's manipulations. It will probably be a couple of weeks until I have a rough cut due to other commitments and the style I wish to edit it in.

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