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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Install progress

The install of my work at the AGR is going very well. Jaye and I hung the screens. The mylar got messed up so I went to get more and since I was there last, they found some thicker stuff that will be nicer. The thing slowing us down is me and my inability to get all my stuff done. The thunderstorm is in full swing and the noise of it made it impossible to hear my radio. Regardless, I continued painting and assembling. It seems like I might have to get up early to get my lenses mounted. The telephones are ready to join to the boxes but even that project has an incomplete element (the purchased audio players aren't loaded yet. Geremy was over and dropped off the prototype of a surprise addition. Margaret and William have joined George and the girls on an overnight trip to the drive in with his trailer. Double bill tonight only. I really wish I'd be able to go, but even with this past six hours to myself, I'm far behind. 

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