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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Super-8 "workshop"

While I suppose I did some workshop-type stuff at the beginning of the day, but I think we successfully had a group interactive activity day instead. With nine participants plus myself, each with a super-8 camera in hand (we had enough between the Filmpool's generous contribution and my and Ken's cameras) so everyone could go off in groups but still work individually. I blacked out the garage with tar paper and at about 2:30 we started processing film. I thought we'd use the garage to screen preview films but we kept getting behind schedule until we ended up showing the day's work sight-unseen in the backyard after dark. The work was fun and funny. Geremy and William worked together on a pair of rolls; one about a stalker and another they recruited Ken's help and devised a chase film about  a kangaroo hunter. Three students Weiye, Shara, and Sharon, came and made a visual exploration of the downtown. Most notably about the student work was the large amounts of solarization that I believe was caused by a mixing error on the bleach (my fault, but a very interesting error by all accounts). Mooky made her first super-8, animating  toy dinosaurs then working with Sara and her puppets. Chrystene and Berny filmed a re-staged version of their Punch and Judy show that was so hilarious at the puppet slam earlier this year; the film did it justice. I shot random odd images in respect to this being the 100th anniversary of Dada. Sara played accordion during the screening and we laughed and cried (without actually crying). Thank you everyone for coming out and making the day so much fun.

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