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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Exhibition closes

After a run of over seven weeks, my exhibition at the Art Gallery of Regina closed today. Somehow it came to the end of its run without any major technical mishaps and without any of the work being damaged or stolen. Who'd have thought? Again, a huge thank you to the curators Elizabeth Matheson and Christine Ramsay for considering my work worthy of such a show, and to Ken Wilson and Brent Pylot for the amazing catalog that came out of it, and to Jess for turning the darn thing on every day, and to the gallery and the other installers and destallers and Holly and everyone who helped with the gallery.  Also I won't forget everyone who helped me get work created over the past few months including Margaret and William and Erik Sirke, Brian Gladwell, Frans,Lotz Sunny Adams, Geremy Lague, Any Electronics, and the list goes on and on. We started taking it all down at the stroke of five and it was basically gone two and a half hours later. Now the task of putting it all away.....

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