Friday, August 26, 2016

Jellied Salad with Joanne McDonald

On Thursday night we went to the Chicken and Wine talks, hosted this month at the MacKenzie Art Gallery adjoining the Candahar barroom art exhibit. There was beer but no wine. The setting seems perfect except that the sound in such a large space is challenging and I found myself missing things that were said. All three talks were very interesting. I went primarily to see my old friend Joanne McDonald:talking about Jellied Salads, something we've talked about informally many times. The other talks were Amber Goodwyn on "Eight Things I Learned While Publishing A Smut Zine" and Cloudesley Rook-Hobbs on "Tort Tarot Law" which was far more insetting than it sounds. I talked with him afterwards about the nature grifting and its commonality with fortune telling and lawyers.

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