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Monday, August 15, 2016

Watching German Expressionism

Over the past year, whenever possible, William and I have been watching classics in German Expressionism. Many of these have been during the monthly screenings curated by Christina Stojanova at the RPL as part of the lead up to the Caligari Project. Others have been on our own. Here is what we've seen:

Hands of Orlac Robert Wiene
Metropolis Fritz Lang
Three Penny Opera G.W. Pabst
M Fritz Lang
Cabinet of Dr Caligari Robert Wiene
Nosferatu FW Murnau
Warning Shadows Arthur Robison
Pandora's Box G.W. Pabst
Faust FW Murnau
Waxworks Paul Leni
Westfront 1918 G.W. Pabst
Blue Angel Josef von Sternberg
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler Fritz Lang
The Testament of Dr.. Mabuse Fritz Lang
Kameradschaft G.W. Pabst
Diary of a Lost Girl G.W. Pabst
Sunrise FW Murnau
The Last Laugh FW Murnau

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