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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Jobs over education

This Wednesday, after a full day of work, I'd hoped to come home and watch a bit of tv with family but William was in the middle of his homework. Told that it should take an hour or so, this research into multiple science related jobs took him over six hours to complete. Not that an evening of homework is bad. To the contrary, learning is good. However, this wasn't really learning anything. This was just collecting statistical data about jobs, as they exist today, that these grade 10 students wouldn't be able to get for another 7 years. It seemed more like a means to justify the inclusion of science in the curriculum on economic grounds rather than academic ones. Why, the first week of a term, must they put jobs in the forefront? Why can't science be important on its own? He had to do the same questionable make-work exercise in media last term. I am worried about priorities. 

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