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Monday, February 27, 2017

Writing at home

My cold is ramping up this week so worked half from home. I met briefly with Jan about my website needing to migrate. I have been adding to it every month, sometimes as often as weekly, for a decade and would be devastated if somehow it were lost. Here it is by the way: www.geraldsaul.com  I change the front page every time I have a new event on the horizon and change future to past tense once things happen. This "What's New" section has been on the site for the past few years (you can see the "what's old" links below it) and is great for me to remember when and where things happened. However, the real bulk of the site is the film descriptions and the collections of images and writing contained in it. I always have maintenance and am hoping to connect all of the 51 videos I posted during the exhibition last summer to the specific pages that describe them (or make new pages if that is what it takes). I was going to do this last summer but was having tech trouble and was too busy to follow through with how to fix things (for some reason could not add a youtube to the page, although I'd done it before). I also got my CC report done and sent off. It concludes with a budget that is just a few hundred dollars over budget; the closest budget report I've probably ever legitimately had. The rest of the day was filled with lots of Film 200 prep I needed to catch up on. 

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