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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ghost photography workshop

Although it was apparently scheduled, neither Margaret nor I were aware that the power was to be shut off at our house from 9am to 3pm. Not only that, but the power was actually off until past 6 when we left for supper, being unable to eat at home. I did manage to present the ghost photography workshop in the YAAG as scheduled in the Cathedral Arts Festival pop up gallery guide. I had about 15 people come by and get photos taken. I didn't manage to create a hand out to explain stuff, but did it all orally. It went well. In the middle of it all the cable guys arrived to increase my internet speed.  After supper at the diner, William and I went to see Trudy Stewart's film she made with Noel Starblanket. Great crowd and great discussion. Quite an evening.

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