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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I made a decision this morning when I woke up and the house was cold and I could barely stand to make my first capachino of the day in bare feet. I needed more. I needed biscotti and it was now or never. I don't really think straight until I have my first biscotti of the morning. Now I'm not talking about some winkly almond cookie, nor about a chocolately flavored dunking confection. I'm talking about a full out triple chocolate delight, dunked, savored, loved. I ran out last week but it has been too hot or too busy to make more but today was the day. Tomorrow it will be hot again and without air conditioning we'd not survive the oven being on for two hours. So there I was, baking and discovering that I didn't have enough cocoa so needing to rush to the store for more. In the end I was able to create the initial loaves which are later to be cut into pieces and baked again by noon.
As a result of my chocolate needs, I did not get to work early enough to discover that I did not have all the equipment I needed to kinescope my microscope images today after all. Another non-productive day. This evening I helped my mom make 18 dozen perogies. I brought home one third of them. Another third will go to my sister Moe, unless she cancels her trip to Regina in which case I would lay claim to them.
While baking, I emptied the diswasher and discovered that our Bugs Bunny mug was not entirely dishwasher safe ("I'm blind Doc!!!).

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