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Friday, August 6, 2010

fill in the blanks

For those looking at the past two weeks of my blog, today, you've obviously noticed that it contains pictures but no text. I've been out east to New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia. We got back a couple of days ago and I've had too many distractions, commitments, or have been too tired to fill in the blanks as of yet. Will get to it. Today I was involved in a search committee at work and also mixed up film chemistry and picked up a new coupler to attach an slr camera to a microscope. I managed to work with William and his robot Lego a bit as well. He had a friend over this evening and savaged many assembled Lego sets as well as my ear drums. The Folk Festival began today but I'll not likely attend. Margaret will be there with ATC so I'll do William and dad stuff all weekend. The drawing on the shell above was done in the St. John market on a shell for three bucks. It doesn't look like us except my whiskers since I had one of those lazy vacation things going on my face.

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