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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

slow start to week

Yesterday I took William out to a movie but afterwords he wanted to come straight home where he lay on the floor moaning with pain. He'd been coughing a bit but now I discovered he had a chest cold. I bundled him up and we had a quiet remainder of the day. I felt I had a bit of it in my lungs as well so that was just as well.
Most of today was very frustrating as I had trouble trying to get my computer to do what it is supposed to do but it kept crashing the Adobe Premier session I was running. I think it is a memory thing although I've run much larger and much more complex sessions many times before. I'm annoyed. This afternoon there was a cool art thing in the park as a variety of performers posed or built installations to copy or reflect paintings.I did got to work in the morning and later this evening to connect up with Trevor Grant who is shooting his second photo project in the studio. I help out a bit with a reflector as she shot images of angels. Here he is in the reflector.

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