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Friday, August 27, 2010


Today we met with William's new teacher for the fall, Jeremy Black. Coincidentally he studied intermedia at the UofR just a few years ago. William seems to like him and I am excited that he might bring new art to the classroom. He also knew what Monty Python was (the last teacher had no reaction to the name).This afternoon we stopped in to the Gale's Warehouse for props for our One Take Super 8 films. One woman there was familiar and when I talked to her a second time we both figured it out; we went to grade school (Grant Road) together over 30 years ago. She was Donna Taylor back then, perhaps she still is (I forgot to ask but now can't find her on Facebook). She was two kids over 20 but still looks a lot like her grade 7 picture. We had a nice chat. It occurs to me that we spoke more today than any time during our years in school. Being an adult is like that.

This evening I uploaded over a dozen new posting and probably 20 photos or videos onto William's Lego blog dating back to the beginning of May.

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