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Friday, August 20, 2010

William's Birthday

Today William turned nine. I didn't have much trouble taking the day off since they were waxing the floors in front of my office and in the hallway around the equipment room and edit rooms, leaving me no way to actually go to work. I took William and his friend Xander to "Nanny McPhee Returns". It was okay. I felt there wasn't much fresh, it was mostly a retread of the previous movie with more reliance on magic to solve the problems (why didn't she just end the war with her almost unlimited magical powers?), but generally good performances and the kids liked it. We came back to the house for a free for all play time. William built more Lego, starting on a huge Bionicle set that his Omi bought him. We had shrimp in butter and garlic for supper, one of William's favorites. A good day, one I am happy to see considering the event last night. I was up doing some email at about 1 am when suddenly the glass cover on the light fixture, which weighs about two pounds, wiggled itself loose and fell straight down, missing my head by about a foot. I've been reading a book called "Thinning Herd" by Cynthia Ceilan about strange deaths and it puts one in the mind of tragic random events such as a woman slipping on a wet kitchen floor onto the open dishwasher where she was stabbed and killed by a knife. After reading a hundred or so of these occurrences, you start to wonder how we make it through a day without be killed.

1 comment:

berny said...

nice post. you recommend the book?
i often have the feeling that i'll slip in my kitchen and stab my face with a fork that's drying in the rack. i think about it more often than necessary.