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Sunday, August 8, 2010

round and round we go

Leesa and Kenneth brought Daniel over and we all went to the exhibition together this afternoon. We got in free for arriving before noon and I got off pretty cheap for the day, a $40 all day pass for William and $10 worth of tickets for me and $5 for mini-donuts. That's it! I brought some water and my mom, who was at plant world, put us onto the big secret of the polka playing seniors lounge with is open to everyone and has great air conditioning, lots of places to sit down, and free coffee, water, ice tea, and cookies. I forgot my camera so none of the ride taking was documented, nor was the demo of how to load a rocket launcher (bazooka) in the military exhibit. William stuck entirely with the big rides this year, we didn't even consider the kiddie rides as we did last year. He's got a good stomach for it all. Daniel didn't fair quite as well, but it was great that the two of them could share the ups and downs of the midway experience.
Margaret spent the day at the folk festival again. Today she came home with a pair of very cool hand made hula hoops. Unlike the store bought ones, these have the necessary mass to allow you to maintain the momentum and thus have them stay on your waist for more than one rotation. I tried, it was fun.

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