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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Party Party Party

As the title suggests, we had about three back to back to back parties today. Kids, family, grandparents. Three until about nine. Lots of food. Lots of noise. Rained in the morning but started clearing so we announced last minute shift to water slide party. I got the video with most of the invited kids done 30 minutes before the party and copied it for everyone, although we didn't have time at the party to watch it (the living room was not the right locale for 12 wet children to watch tv). I made a six layer jello with gummy spiders, gummy worms, gummy soldiers, and gummy teeth mixed in a different points; it was a hit of course. I couldn't bake due to the heat but Margaret picked up two rather good cakes from Koko. Tired but the house is warm so we watched the final episode of "Jeeves and Wooster" from the set I bought Margaret ten months ago and we've been working slowly through (we'd seen most of the episodes before but never in order). Such a delight. William enjoys them although I'm certain he misses a lot of stuff due to the rapid dialogue and his sometimes inconsistent attention while viewing. The final episode is about toilets and plumbing so we'd been looking forward to seeing it again.

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