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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

home work

I spent the morning writing and the afternoon visiting and playing with William and Veronica's kids. I helped them make a movie in the back yard.
I started doing research on the tv I want, a 37" LED set. I thought I found four choices but when I started looking for reviews of one I realized that my choices were from the UK. It appears that I might still have one choice, the Panasonic. It will fit into the space (it is 24.1 x 35.2 x 11.3) but I should look at how it is rated and what the price is. If it doesn't pan out, we simply stick with the crt until new models arise.


madelejm said...

I love my panasonic plasma tv

berny said...

second vote for Panasonic. i don't have a lcd tv, but both my computer monitors are Panasonic and i'll stick with that brand for my next purchase.
-good refresh
-good blacks
-minimal backlight bleeding
-good colours

note however that any lcd [as far as my research went] will start to get dark around the edge [vignette] in less than a year.

back light bleeding is also something to be on the lookout for. this gets progressively worse over the course of a year.

i hear plasma gets hot.

all-in-all i wasn't 100% pleased when i switched to lcd technology. it's got a bit of a ways to go. it's come a good ways in terms of colours however, almost negating the need for "colour correcting" CRT monitors.