Wednesday, July 16, 2008

computer give and take

I took my old "evergreen" computer that I purchased from work back to work today as it has been acting rather funky since the virus I got in it last year. It is primarily William's computer now, and even he is getting frustrated with it. They reformatted the c drive and reinstalled windows but somehow in the process, or perhaps in the moving the computer from home to there, the second hard drive won't work. He couldn't figure it out but did suggest that the power supply may have failed. On the up side, he felt that the 256mb ram wasn't enough and found some more sitting around and doubled it. Works well now, so far as I can see.
Eric and I developed some black and white film, including the 35mm I exposed with wheat ray-o-grams last week. I am using a system of laying that film on top of the colour film and exposing it in different orientations with different coloured lights. I think it will be very effective but am uncertain if I'm getting it all right. The cost of my film colour film is about $160 per 100 foot roll, which is what I exposed today, so I'm nervous about how well this basically untested system will work.
Mike came down from Saskatoon today. He has a new car (for him) that William has named "Greyster". He also has a new office with a window, a reduced teaching load for the next year because he's doing work on the on-line courses, and he's moving to a new apartment. That's a lot of news for anyone, especially Mike.

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