Thursday, July 3, 2008

returning to the students

Busy today, but not stressful. William slept in and I managed to finish my compilation video with spinning hand transitions for How to be an experimental filmmaker (a silhouetted hand spins from the distance, at once obliterating the image as well and transitioning into the new image, in between each of the 13 chapters, now without titles). I took William downtown for lunch at the SGI building and it's great view, then picked up Margaret and they dropped me off at work then went on to buy more Lego, on sale at the Bay, while I met with both Janine and Chrystene to discuss the courses I'm doing with them this summer, starting on Tuesday. Eric and I developed 5 rolls of colour film. The two rolls of reversal, which I did last, appear to be overexposed or overdevoped, perhaps a nature of the film, perhaps a nature of the exposure. Came home with Paul then worked on Lego and some baking until now, which is time for Dr. Who.

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