Monday, July 21, 2008

Indiana Jones

Today I guess I got a bit lazy, hung around the house and watched the kids play, did a bit a stuff on the computer that was of little consequence, hung around with Ang for a bit as he's going back to Toronto tomorrow (he dropped me off a bag of old metal 100' daylight spools in the round metal cans that Kodak stopped making around 1990). It was really hot so we decided to go to a movie and to our surprise, Indiana Jones has left the main theatres. The only place it is at is the Paradise Theatre which is in the back of an indoor mini-golf course beside the Sherwood Mall. It was surprisingly nice. The seats and screen and layout of the theatre are nice, holds about 200 (that would leave 197 empty seats plus the three of us). The projection was good (35mm and the lens seemed fin) but there is no staff so the projector just runs unattended so I have heard of numerous errors. Today the framer was off a little bit, leaving a bit of the top of the frame lodged onto the bottom of the frame. Last week William and I watched both Raiders of the Lost Arc and Last Crusade and he handled them very well. There was one death that shocked him today, and the creepy stuff in the old tombs with old skulls was spookier on the big screen than it is on tv, but he really liked it. I think it was fairly good. The 1950s stuff was interesting, the adventure itself was a bit of a rehash.

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