Friday, July 11, 2008

sort of holiday

I hadn't really meant to take the day off but I ended up not really doing any work. We dropped William off on a play date in the morning but then ran out to the Re-Store to look for old windows for the bin I have on the farm. They have found that artists are buying these windows and the ones with multiple panes are worth more so they sell them based upon number of panes in the window. So a 2x3' window would be $5, but if it were to have a division in it making it a 2x3 window with 3 panes to it, the cost would be 3 x $3 = $9. Some of them are not large but are in 9 or 16 parts. These purchases are suddenly impracticable, but I guess so long as a few artists don't accidentally make a profit, I guess that's all right. This afternoon I took William swimming and didn't get home until mid afternoon and just didn't get focused on my work, but sometimes that is what Fridays are for.

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