Monday, July 14, 2008

really working at home

Last night I got a call from Ed asking if Rowan could come over today, perhaps all day. Rowan and William play Lego together and I agreed, initially just for the morning but later for the day. Ang brought his kids over at about 3, making it quite a party. However, before that, I got my nose to the grindstone and got both of my syllabuses done for the fall term. I made a huge mistake about what day the classes were on, and that cost me an hour of my evening correcting it, but they are emailed in and so I feel the term is half done (planning what to teach is sometimes the biggest effort, once that is done you at least know what books to open and what film clips to find - it's almost easy). Anyway, the kids played together so well that I had very few distractions.

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