Saturday, July 12, 2008

fermented honey

Leslea and Leif had their annual bar-be-que today. Leif brought out his home made mead, two varieties, to sample. Odd but very nice. He added more honey at a later time for some secondary fermentation which translates into bubbles.
William and I watched the third Indiana Jones movie today (skipping the second one) and he liked it, it was never really too scary for him except for the guy who aged really fast and turned to dust. I stopped a couple of times to explain bits of history or the bible to him, but if we see the new one I won't be able to do that, so during his shower this evening I explained the cold war to him. "the Americans built one bomb so the Soviets built two bombs to make sure the Americans wouldn't use their one bomb, so the Americans built three bombs so the Soviets would be afraid to use their two bombs, so the Soviets built four bombs..." He's pretty good with figuring out this sort of pattern, and he has secret agent Lego, so the notion of spies and so on was also an easy sell. He's more informed than I was when I was his age.

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