Sunday, October 5, 2008

even closer to finished now

I got my support material dvd created for my grant, now it is done, well not really, but closer yet again. Tomorrow I need to print it all off (I'm out of paper at home and forgot to buy more; I can't very well send in my grant on orange paper with three holes punch in it, can I?). I am not worried about it as I have created pdfs of all the pages so formatting won't get in my way. I've also sent to myself the project that I'm assigning my students on Tuesday, travel authorization forms to go to Winnipeg next week, and information about other stuff I'm juggling. Last night I took a breather break and watched The Trouble with Harry. Lots of fun, although I did start dozing in the middle. The mix of stage and exteriors has never felt stranger; Hitchcock didn't like shooting outside but this film had a lot of outdoor scenes. A stage was used for the site where the body is buried repeatedly and at times I just couldn't buy it. One anomaly, it is a film in with the artist character is neither a villain nor an eccentric but rather, he is the most observant and reasonable person in the story.

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