Thursday, October 16, 2008

thief revealed!

Today is Margaret's birthday. I managed to get to the chocolate store before the first Filmpool interview this morning (searching for new executive director). After work I brought home a big Western Pizza, Paul came over, we all went out to the Art Gallery of Regina where a new show curated by David Garneau opened. Ran into Les, an old installer from the Dunlop, who is in from Winnipeg with a friend who's in the show. He hasn't been here since around 2000. So eight years ago, I had my film "Life is Like Lint" (about which was written "it is appropriately ironic that the greatest work of postmodern cinema was not completed until four years after the movement was declared a fraud") on exhibition on a vhs to view on a tv in the Mackenzie Art Gallery. During the run, three of the vhs tapes were stolen. The second and third ones were actually replaced by blank tapes, making them premeditated thefts. Tonight Les revealed to me that he was with filmmaker Kika Thorne when she "borrowed" one of these tapes with the claim that she was going to return it the next day.
Can I now say that my work is "in the collection of Kika Thorne"?

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