Wednesday, October 8, 2008

using recovery as an excuse

I am glad to have made it over some hurdles, so I guess I took it easy today partially to give myself a break from the work I've been doing. Actually, I think I accomplished so little today because I was up half the night trying to copy the dvd for the End of Life workshop but it had a bad sector and just wouldn't copy. I had a big meeting with the group today and wanted to give some copies to be reviewed but couldn't. Instead, I tried to pay attention with only four hours sleep under my belt. The rest of the day was on email, moving information but not doing anything real. I still need three male actors for next week's class and have had no response. Stressing on that. Margaret was at work this evening, even though she's still pretty sick. Had a great chat with Charity Marsh out on the sidewalk this afternoon, first time I've run into here in about a year, even though she lives a block away.

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