Saturday, October 4, 2008

grant ap done... well almost

Margaret took William out to have fun in the sun and try to fly a kite in the wind that was too strong for the little kite we have. Meanwhile I buckled down and got my SSHRC grant done, with all the attachments, forms, justifications, and so on. I just need to put together the support dvd (I'm missing one clip that I need to pick up from my office tomorrow) and get some of the forms signed by people on Monday, then it's off and I'm free to do the other mountain of work that stands before me. There isn't a chance I can get my weekly video done on time, it will likely be two or three weeks late. Tomorrow I have class prep and grading to do. I was able to relax a bit this evening and read with William (although he's capable of reading them now, I've continued to read the Bionicle books to him so we can share the stories).

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