Sunday, October 26, 2008

skipped some days

It's been a few days since I blogged. Not sure why, perhaps because it's getting cold and I'd prefer to just shut off the computer instead of sitting up those extra minutes. I think it did start with Friday night when the power went out at 11pm for an hour and a half. Not much to do but curl up in bed and when the power returned, I was half asleep. Missing a second night was easier. I'm a creature of habit and not doing things is a habit too. The power outage was pretty cool, I don't know how wide spread it was, but I think it was big. Looking out the window, there was almost no light but for an occasional car.
I've been a bit out of focus lately, not really paying attention to anything for more than a couple of minutes. Perhaps a bit like an attention disorder. As a result, I've not taken only any big things all week. I'm behind on my grading. I worked on my "Midsummer Nights Dream" for a while but didn't get too deep in. I've done lots of email, it only requires short bursts of thought. Back when I was department head, I would have so many emails to reply to that by the time I was at the bottom of the list, the first ones had responded to me and I would start again from the top. I could spend half the day doing this, being so active and exhausted that I got thinking that I must have been accomplishing something. Facebook gives people this sort of sense of purpose as well. It is, of course, a plot to keep everyone so busy that they miss out on what is really going on.....

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