Thursday, October 7, 2010

Filmpool visit

Two deadlines met, but barely. Berny and Chrystene went to significant effort to return my chemistry bottles to me this week so that I could mix up new stuff for Berny and my class. I went to mix it up after lunch but found the lab closed so I left my bottles outside the door and went to author my Godard style dvd. When I returned, my bottles had been taken away by the custodians. I needed to purchase two more for $12 each. What a pain. However, I did get it done and delivered Berny his portion to the Filmpool, dropped my film "All the Boys are Named William" to them as well, and visited with Felipe Diaz who is in town on behalf of the Canada Council. Here he is with Margaret. They did a radio show together for about six months back when Felipe was in grad school.

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Berny Hi said...

hope he didn't think they were bottles of moonshine... or just simply pour it down the drain.
what a pain though man.

thanks again for the chemistry. i'm off shortly to the film retreat, near Cypress Hills. i'll be staying in a log cabin, waking early, and the plan is to project at night in an old church that the owner brought in to his property. got all the essentials now: intervalometer, toner, Gerald's special brew bleach, various flashlights for solarization, buckets, and mediation music.
thanks for all the help and support!