Thursday, October 14, 2010

Massey Lecture

This evening I saw Douglas Coupland doing part two of the five part Massey Lecture at the University. I bought his new book earlier today, the basis for the lecture "Player One" and read the first few pages. He was quite funny although I have to say that he seemed a bit off his game as he stumbled over the text quite often and apologized for this, saying that he is usually more fluent at his reading. I got a spot very close to the front, even though I arrived just a few minutes before it began, and didn't realize until he stood up to go onto the stage that I was directly behind Coupland. I got lucky again afterward as I ended up standing beside the table in the lobby which suddenly he was at and was beginning to sign books. I got to be fourth in line and chatted with him briefly about his sculptures. The lectures will air on CBC radio the week of November 8.

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