Sunday, October 31, 2010


I always love Halloween. Today started off a bit... off. I went to work to process the film for my annual film loop that I have projected in front of my house every year since 1996 and the film completely failed. I suppose I have to take the blame as I shot it with film that was labeled as being badly stored and I've had it for over two decades and don't know where it was before it came to me. The image was black. It is interesting only in that, having been processed as negative, one would expect the image to be clear where no light hit it but with it all black the only conclusion is that the heat damage from all those years has basically "exposed" the whole role. This, on top of feeling tired and a bit down, took me out of the Halloween mood. I broke my tradition of 16mm film looks for the first time and instead ran a video loop since I fortunately had a mini-data projector home to test from work this weekend. I created a clip based on the shark image I have from a Prelinger film for my "Rerun" project. It was bright and got lots of attention but to me it lacked the noise, dirt, and organic quality of film. It was just too sharp and clear.I didn't get dressed up, even though Margaret and William did. I did get into the spirit eventually while walking around with William and his friend, snacking frequently, and just getting some air. The ground is covered with snow but it wasn't too cold.

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