Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pre-Halloween misadventures

Odd day. Woke up to snow. William wanted to be woken with a bucket of water so that he could go for a run and get his pedometer reading up to 15,000. I had been told to pick up Dr. Roshini Kempadoo from the Riddell Centre at 1:45 but when I got there I was told that I was supposed to have picked her up at her hotel. Not a big deal, she was called and came by cab, although she was having her own misadventures such as some sort of cultural difference in which she expected cab drivers to come inside the hotel to find her. She made it just in time and we had a good class. I knew that my students wouldn't respond well to a purely academic lecture so I introduced her with the idea that she studied the absences in archives such as the lack of historical evidence of women or people of colour in films or photographs and thus, I suggested to the class, it is our responsibility as filmmakers to look beyond what we see but to look for what we don't see and to help fill those gaps. I think we got off on the right foot, or feet, with one in the academic sphere and the other in the practical. After class I noticed she had dropped an earring so I went up Broad Street to leave it at her hotel (Hotel Sask on Victoria). Mistake. The traffic, due to the ice and snow but more extreme than I've seen it in years, caused a back up for many blocks and it took me 30 minutes to get to the hotel from the University. I then had to drop off my movie (Kick Ass) that I rented from a machine in the Safeway but that didn't work and it took 10 minutes with the store manager on the phone waiting to talk with someone on the 1-800 line to figure out how I can return them without the machine billing me for another day. When I got home, it seems everyone here had a nice day, making a tiny snow man, and writing stories about Halloween.

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