Monday, October 31, 2011


For the first time in ... I guess ever, I dressed up for Halloween for work. Teaching in the Italian Spiderman mask was a pain, as were the gloves, and for that matter I'm sick of this mustache, but the shirt is comfy (I painted it last night, it is a great cotton sweat shirt that I got some ink on the cuff of the second time I wore it so I've been planning this for some time). William went out as a pilot. This isn't exactly what he wore, he found this leather jacket of Margaret's to be uncomfortable but he posed for a photo anyway. He did some rounds with his friends, unescorted. They talk more than they hustle, so the haul is significantly lower than previous years. We got about 75 kids to our house. My film loop this year was some digitally manipulated jaguar images which I kinescoped to 16mm film last week. It looked very good.

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